A good time was had by all at our

Second Annual Valentine Dinner

which was held at the River Stop Restaurant in Walterville

Photos provided by Ann Richards

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Our Treasure and Ticket taker, Bob Blaesi

Steve & Sherry Smith

Jerry & Carol Troxel

Jerry Szirlip & BJ Bennett

Howard Freedman & George Potter

Bill & Barbara French

Tom & Bonnie Bily

Vince Newman & Jim Johnston

Steve, Gary & Gene

Conni, BJ & Jerry

Howard Freedman & Verne Ivy

Bill & Barbara French

Bill & Ruth George

George & Olive Wild

Mike & Virginia Galvin

Rudy & Karen Muravez

Brian & Helen Inman

Verne & Caroll Ivy

Larry & Jill McDonald

Gene Troyer, Syliva Potter, Vince Newman, BJ Bennett and Jim Johnston

Bob & Luci Bleasi

Lee Heckard & Ann Richards

George & Sylvia Potter

Howard & Evelyn Freedman

Jerry Berg & Connie Ewing

Gary & Jeanne Haslip