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Welcome to the

Emerald  Empire Vintage Auto Club Website


--------The November Vintage Press is on line.space--On October 25 is the annual "EEVAC Fall Banquet" held this year at Willys in Springfield.  

    Message from your Webmaster

Jim Dunn is hosting the "Last chance Tour" for this year. Check it out below!

And not to be missed is the EEVAC Annual Fall Banquet to be held at Willys in Spring Field on October 25th.. If you have not sighed up do so now! Call Jim (541-688-7531) or Vern (541-688-4443).

The November Press is posted. Read it Here


                Current Events Calendar

Greetings One and All,
     Sunday's weather looks to be GOOD and rather FALL like to boot!  I see a lot of COLOR on my street and believe we will see a lot more color throughout the Willamette Valley.  So, here's my proposal:
     If you would be interested, I would like to lead you on a short Sunday color tour from Coburg to Corvallis, eventually winding our way through Finley Wild Life Preserve. I would like to meet at the Coburg McDonald's about 10:00 A.M. and start the tour by 10:30 A.M.  If I have timed it correctly, we should be eating lunch in Corvallis by 12:30 P.M.  I'm confident we can find a lunch spot to satisfy your liking! There are several that I know and highly recommend each!
     Soooooooooo, if you are interested in a "short Sunday Color tour", email me and let me know you are interested.  In turn, I will confirm the tour is a "GO" if there is a show of interest.
Go Ducks!      Jim Dunn


"Feature Car"

Jerry & Connie Berg's 

1965 Plymouth Barracuda

EEVAC was founded in 1966 as an organization for those interested in restoring and maintaining 1928 to 25 year old  veicles and to promote fellowship though club activities and good will through community involvement.

Come Join us!

MONTHLY MEETINGS are open to the public. They are held the second Sunday of the month, 7:00 PM., In the Irvington Grange building on Irvington Rd, Eugene, Oregon


George Potter


Phone 541 554 6908