Club By-Laws



ARTICLE 1          The name of this club shall be Emerald Empire Vintage Auto Club


ARTICLE 11        Purpose


SECTION 1         To unite in a central organization all families who own  1928 to 1975 vehicles, domestic or foreign, who are interested in restoring and maintaining them in a manner to attract prestige and respect within the community, and it shall further be the purpose of this Club to help these families become better acquainted and to encourage and maintain among its members the spirit of good fellowship and fair play through sponsored activities involving their vehicles.


SECTION 2         The Club shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian, non-racial and non-partisan. NO FOR SALE SIGNS ON CARS WHEN CAR IS IN A SHOW.


SECTION 3         The motto of the Club shall be “AGED TO PERFECTON.” The official Club Newsletter shall be “THE VINTAGE PRESS.”




SECTION 1         A prospective member may be given an application for Membership, and a copy of the Club By-laws at any regular meeting. Upon acceptance of the By-laws, a completed application for membership may be submitted to the club at the next regular meeting upon payment of appropriate dues.  Amendment March 14, 2004: One copy of EEVAC Newsletter with cover letter and application may be sent to Prospective Members.


SECTION 2         A prospective member must have a sincere interest in vehicles of club years.

SECTION 3         All tours should be attended by members who are driving or riding in Club Cars. Modern cars are welcomed if unable to drive Club Cars, in order to encouraged attendance, but must follow at the rear of the tour group.


SECTION 4         All Club cars will be insured to be able to participate in tours sponsored by the club. Evidence of insurance will be included as part of the membership application, and will be kept up to date by each member.


SECTION 5         Voting members of the Club shall include members in good standing, their spouses, and dependent minor unmarried children holding a valid Oregon drivers license and residing at home.




SECTION 1         DUES-Amended June, 2014; The dues of this club shall be $20 annually, and payable on or before December 10th for the upcoming year for members to be in the CLUB ROSTER.  Members in the rears will lose their voting rights and Newsletter privileges until paid up  The fiscal year of the club shall be November 1st through October 31st.  New members must pay their dues at the time of entry. New member dues shall be prorated as follows:

                        January – March               $20

                        April-June                          $15

                        July- September                 $10

                        October – December          $25 (includes next full years dues)


ADVERTIZING-Amended June, 2014.  Rates for advertizing will be as follows;

Advertize in the Newsletter  (business card size)

                                    Members         $15

                                    Non-Members  $30

Advertize in the newsletter with a link to their website on the EEVAC webpage

                                    Members         $30

                                    Non-Members $40

Advertize in the newsletter with a link to their web site on the EEVAC web, 1/3 page ad

                                    Members         $60

                                    Non-Members $70

Items for sale:  No charge will be made for this service


SECTION 2         Expenditures-An expenditure of $50. in any one month must have the approval of the Treasurer and an expenditure of $ any one month the joint approval of a majority of board members. Any expenditure larger than $100 must be approved by 2/3 majority of members present at regular monthly meeting.




SECTION 1         Business Meeting- Business meetings shall be held monthly, at a time and place to be established by the

Board of Directors for the purpose of transacting Club business. Business meetings are to last no longer than two hours, unless 2/3 of the members present agree to extend the meeting beyond the two hour limit.


SECTION 2         Special Meeting and Social Events- The telephone committee, The internet and/or the Newsletter will be the mode of notification.





SECTION 1         Officers-The officers of the club shall consist of a President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Editor, and the Webmaster.


SECTION 2         Election and Term of Officer-Volunteers and/or nomination for the Club offices will be accepted at the September meeting. Election of Officers will be held at the regular Club meeting in October. The new Officers will be installed at the annual Club Banquet to be held in November. The term of office shall be one year. Officers for the Club shall be elected by majority vote of those members present.


SECTION 3         Board of Directors-The board of Directors shall consist of the Club officers, immediate Past President, and one member elected at large. The duties of the Board of directors shall be to meet when convened by the President for the purpose of planning future meetings or events and to qualify cars which will be representing the club in public.  The Board of Directors will also select the recipient of the annual Club participation award


SECTION 4         President-The President shall be the principle executive officer of the Club and shall in general supervise the affairs of the Club. He/She shall preside at all meetings of the members and shall perform all duties incidental to the office of President.


SECTON 5           Vice-President-In the absence of the President the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President. The Vice-President shall also act as Tour Chairperson.


SECTION 6         Secretary-The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings and maintain any required Club documents, in general, perform all duties incidental to the office of Secretary.


SECTION 7         Treasurer-The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all Club funds and shall, at each meeting, report any expenditures made since the last meeting. In addition, the Treasurer shall be responsible for all Club property.


SECTION 8         Historian-The Historian shall maintain the Club scrapbook and other historical materials pertaining to the club. Amended March 14, 2004; The Historian shall take pictures of all the events and maintain the Photo Album. At least the last album shall be taken to each meeting and each EEVAC Show Event.


SECTION 9         Editor-The Editor will be responsible for preparing the newsletter and mailing it out to the Club members and local clubs. In addition, the Editor will be responsible for keeping a register of the mailing addresses of each member, and publishing the annual Club roster.


SECTION 10       Sunshine Person: Club members or spouses are to notify the sunshine person so they may take appropriate action. This person is to be in charge of making coffee for meetings and Club events, and purchasing supplies and cups at the expense of the Treasury as necessary.


SECTION 11       Webmaster-The Webmaster will be responsible for maintaining, and posting all articles and photographs on the EEVAC website


ARTICLE V11     Amended March 14, 2004; Drawing for 50-50 Raffle at each meeting. There will be a 50-50-raffle drawing held at each regular meeting. 50% will go to the club and 50% will go to the winning person.


ARTICLE V111   Amended March 14, 2004; “Peoples Choice Award” will be determined by the vote of the public at the Valley River Car Show. The winning car will be excluded from winning the next three years.


ARTICLE 1X       Amendments to By-Laws-Amended, or repealed or new By-Laws may be adopted by 2/3 majority of the members present at any meeting, provided notice is given to all members in the Club’s Newsletter.